The tragedy in Connecticut on Friday has seized America’s attention—and rightly so. Here at Justice For Youth we have always sought to champion hope for the abandoned and stand up for youth at risk worldwide. How ironic it seems that the town that was recently voted the 5th safest community in America would suffer an unimaginable carnage like this, where those who are truly innocent among us are slaughtered in a few moments of terror.

Finding the right words to speak into this situation is a difficult task. I have pondered what to say these past 36 hours and the more I have pondered, the more inadequate I have felt to speak or write them.

Then I heard these words today, spoken by Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas. These words are well spoken, and we would be wise to take heed. Regardless of your philosophy or religious conviction (or absence thereof), please consider what Mr. Huckabee says here. This is a learning moment for all of us.

John is a social entrepreneur who, having served all of his adult life championing young people on three continents, is now speaking out passionately against global human trafficking. (Copyright 2012– Justice For Youth. All rights reserved.)