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Abducted Abolitionist Escapes Her Captors

Abducted Abolitionist Escapes Her Captors

A couple of weeks ago a JFY advocate in New York tipped us off to the abduction of Theavy, who serves as national director of the Cambodian abolitionist organization Sak Saum. We were asked not to post the story over concern for Theavy's safety. This is a remarkable...

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Global March Against Child Labour

Parents in India sell their children for less than £35 under the expectation that they will have a better life and get more money once they part from their child. Instead the reality is that these children are trafficked and moved into big cities where they are sold...

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UPDATE: Warlord Kony Finds Sanctuary In Sudan

Last October we linked our readers to a the news story Obama Waives Sanctions On Countries That Use Child Soldiers. In a move that puzzled human rights activists everywhere, the President of the United States took unprecedented action to undo what congress and the...

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3801 Lancaster The Movie

The documentary 3801 Lancaster, writer by Writer, Director and Abolitionsit David Altrogge (top left) is a gripping, up close account of the case against Kermitt Gosnell, the abortion doctor who has been accused of operating a "House of Horrors" at 3801 Lancaster Ave...

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Update on UKC Stop The Traffick

Here is an update from our friends at the University of Kent in London, modern day abolitionists who have come together, formed their own organization, and continue to raise their voice to end human trafficking...we need more on-campus groups like this! Our Effort To...

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Scott Neeson: A Life Invested

Scott Neeson was a Hollywood executive whose gift for marketing rocketed him to the top tier of the Hollywood culture. As president of 20th Century Fox International, he launched blockbusters like Titanic, the Star Wars prequel trilogy, Independence Day, X Men and...

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Why Sex Trafficking Thrives At The Super Bowl

WHY?  WHAT IS GOING ON??           Why are such seemingly innocuous gatherings as sports events attracting the abuse of women and girls? The key is that demand increases as men flood into a city for a weekend of fun. Without an eager market willing to pay to...

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