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A Grassroots Human Trafficking Solution

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Trafficking of persons—“modern day slavery”— is escalating rapidly world-wide.  Children are the most vulnerable–especially children from poor households, orphanages, Eastern European countries (where the syndicates and Russian mafia have almost free rein). Crucial in the task of preventing human trafficking is education at the grassroots level. JFY is focusing on conducting seminars in the schools of Moldova and Ukraine as a first step.

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You can play a part in protecting these “youth at risk”  by participating in our Adopt A School program. JFY is a human trafficking charity committed to prevention. The strategy is simple: conduct interactive seminars that  clearly define the risk of human trafficking, the strategies of the trafficking syndicates, and tips on how to avoid being recruited.  As a human trafficking charity that operates on location in Eastern Europe, we understand that the  key to preventing childhood prostitution in this region is engaging youth in the educational institutions at every level!

You can ADOPT A SCHOOL for  $19!





Human trafficking is the fastest growing organized crime of the 21st century, and tied for second (with weapons sales) as the most lucrative, raking in 32 billion dollars a year and rising.  Eastern Europe is a leading exporter of global prostitution. We think it’s time to stop modern day slavery of all kinds.  Once enslaved, it is very difficult to both rescue and rehabilitate a human trafficking victim. Our strategy is to rescue these young people before they recruited by the syndicates. Will you join us? Together we can make a difference!