UKC Against Human Trafficking

UKC Against Human Trafficking

New student led volunteer group, ‘UKC against Human Trafficking’ raring and ready to Stop the Traffik.

This September a new student led volunteer group (SLVG), UKC against Human Trafficking, is starting up to shock, raise awareness and call to action students at the University of Kent to stop the trafficking of people into modern day slavery locally and globally.

The group was started this summer by UKC students who researched about human trafficking and were inspired through Stop the Traffik and international projects fighting modern day slavery. Stop the Traffik is one of the biggest human trafficking awareness raising campaigners in the country and partners up with the United Nations. We were really shocked to discover the different types of trafficking taking place around the world, but also in the UK. This year the devastating reports of the Rochdale, Manchester child sex ring case rocked the nation. A group of men operating from a kebab shop manipulated, transported and exploited as many as forty seven vulnerable teenage girls for sex. Horrifically that is definitely not the first or the last time that human trafficking has happened in our country, and there are many more hidden cases like this.

The definition of trafficking a person is “the movement of people for the purpose of exploitation which often leads to what is known as modern day slavery,” and it’s usually the most vulnerable people who become trapped.

In terms of UKC against human trafficking, Co-chief Gail Commandeur believes that


‘Kent has a responsibility to raise awareness about the scale and seriousness of people trafficking for all the hidden victims that are trafficked through it’.

stop human trafficking

Last year The Guardian reported that 25 children had been trafficked through Kent and luckily rescued by social services… but then had disappeared from care. They most likely were re-trafficked into the sex industry or for forced labour such as servants in domestic homes or the hospitality industry.

If you would like to find out more follow us on twitter: @UKCPeopleTraffikFree and Facebook @ ‘UKC Against Human Trafficking’ or email



JFY Advocate Dipa Vaya is twenty years old and lives in London. She is currently in her second year studying Politics at the University of Kent. She has studied Print Based Media at College and has written articles for the university newspaper Inquire, Look Magazine and local newspapers. She is committed to raising human trafficking awareness on campus.
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