Millennial Generation Holds Great Promise

A close study of the Millennial Generation, those born between 1981-2004, yields a lot of reason for optimism regarding the future. This largest demographic group (bigger than even the boomer generation), holds great promise to be a wave of world changers. Here are some observations gathered by the experts:

Traits of the Millennial Generation

1. Are hopeful—90% want to do something to impact their world

2. They define greatness as something beyond great wealth or power (if you get that it is a means to an end) They define it as doing something significant to make the world a better place—to “make a difference”

3. They have made switch from birth control clinics to fertility clinics. In other words, they are pro-family.

4. They are optimists—positive—upbeat—may very well be “the greatest generation part 2”

5. They are relational—-they say in touch because they want to. Hence the social network explosion. 88% feel their parents had a positive influence on them. They have not allowed technology to depersonalize their world. The “Relational Generation.”

6. They are learners—have the highest rate of undergraduate degrees of any generation. Education is third only behind family and friends on their priority list. Most millennials are smart. They know the trends. They are pragmatists, and therefore see education as smart.

7. Millennials long to give themselves to something that will outlive them—something bigger than themselves.

Is this exciting, or what? In a previous blog we referred to the millennials as “Grace Generation.” This summer, while on a tour through Australia to raise human trafficking awareness, we bumped into a trio of American guys who pretty well capture both the spirit of the Grace Generation–Millennials in action. Listen to their story—and if you would like to discuss U25 further, you can email Austin at: